Mad Dogs Cricket Club - COVID-19 Safe Play Protocol

COVID-19 Safe Play Protocol

COVID-19 Safe Play Protocol

Version: 1.1, Updated: July 20, 2020 


This document serves as the safe play protocol for attending Mad Dogs Cricket Club games. It has been written by the club’s Executive Committee to be in-compliance with local, state and federal rulings related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines are non-negotiable and are in immediate effect until further notice is given by the Executive Committee. 

All participants in Mad Dogs Cricket Club games (members, guests and opponents – adults and juniors) are mandated to comply with the rules outlined in this document. Violation of these rules will put at risk the participant’s further involvement in the Club’s official activities. 

All forms of social gathering carry a degree of risk in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Club’s goal is to minimize those risks by advising participants on how to behave at games. The Club’s members must rely on one another to act responsibly and with respect for each other’s health, at all times. 


To be eligible for selection for the remainder of 2020 season, all participants are required to sign their agreement with the COVID-19 waiver issued by the Mad Dogs Cricket Club. Anyone who does not sign the waiver will not be allowed to take part in Club events until further notice by the Executive Committee. 

The waivers are accessible to all on the internet by clicking on the following URL (mobile friendly)



All participants gathering at the ground must add their name and contact details to the Club-provided sign-in sheet that will serve as a simple method for contact tracking. This is a mandatory procedure that is required for the general safety of all the individuals present during the day. 

The Club will take all care to not divulge, share or sell the participant’s personal identifiable information with any third parties, or to use the information within Club for any non-COVID-19 purposes. The information will not be used for any marketing purposes. 


If a participant later is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 within 15 days after attending a Club gathering, he or she must notify the Executive Committee promptly. The Executive Committee would then use a digitized form of the sign-in sheet to notify all other people with potential exposure to that individual. The individual’s identity will be kept confidential to respect their privacy. 


All participants are mandated to complete a short health-check questionnaire and to undergo a body-temperature scan using a Club-provided contact-free device. The Club’s designate at the ground will collect the answers and all the participants are urged to provide honest answers that are respectful of safety of anyone they interact with at the game. If any participant does not pass the health check, they will be asked to leave the ground and take no further part in the day’s activities (on and off the field). 

The questionnaire will ask the following questions:

  1. Temperature scan displaying above than 101F? (Scanned soon after arrival and before having performed any strenuous activities that may cause elevation of body temperature)
  2. Have you had a fever in the past 14 days?
  3. Do you have any flu-like symptoms?
  4. Have you had any recent loss of taste and/or smell? 
  5. Are you in close contact with anyone who has been confirmed to be COVID-19 positive in the past 14 days?
  6. Have you been with diagnosed with COVID-19 and still recovering?
  7. Are you over the age of 65? (* In accordance with CT state regulation)

If you have any pre-existing conditions that place you in a high-risk category to contract COVID-19, we request you to consult your Physician prior to participating in any Club activities. Kindly note that by signing the Waiver, you are consenting to participate while fully aware of the higher risks involved.  

  1. Heart disease
  2. Lung disease
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. Obesity 


All participants are required to wear a face covering when gathering at the ground. They must also abide by social distancing guidelines. 

General hygiene related items: 

  • Spitting phlegm or sputum is not allowed anywhere in the ground. 
  • Blowing the nose directly onto the ground is not allowed. It is mandatory to use a tissue and dispose of it in the garbage bins at the ground.


The Club will not be providing any beverages or food. Its ice-cooler will not be used. 

All participants should bring any beverages and food they wish to consume. Sharing of water and food is strongly discouraged.

Sufficient breaks will occur during games to allow players to access their personal beverage bottles. Players must not request other participants to handle their beverage bottles during the game. 

  • The chewing of tobacco (or related items) which results in spitting is not allowed anywhere on the ground. 
  • The chewing of gum is not allowed anywhere on the ground. 


All players should carry personal hand-sanitizer in their pockets and exercise personal judgement about its use during their time in the field.


The use of spit and sweat to shine the ball is not allowed. Cloth/clothing should be used to shine and maintain the ball. 

Note: ICC regulated ball-tampering rules will be observed. 


The umpire officiating at the bowler’s end is required to always wear a face covering. The square-leg umpire must also wear a face covering if a fielder is positioned nearby (within social distancing guidelines). 

The Club will provide the umpires with disinfecting wipes to use on the ball in between overs and at the fall of a wicket. 


The wicketkeeper is required to wear a face covering when standing up to the stumps. 


Batsmen should observe social distancing when meeting mid-pitch. The non-striker should attempt to observe social distancing with the bowler’s end umpire.


Bowlers should observe social distancing with the bowler’s end umpire, to the extent possible.


Fields should observe social distancing with other fielders.


Team huddles or congregations are not allowed if they violate social distancing guidelines. 


Body-contact like shaking hands, celebratory hugs or high-fives, or anything which brings hands and faces close together, is not allowed. 

The Club instead strongly encourages its members to use creative greetings (such as an elbow bump or a foot touch) or celebrations (air-high-fives, at a suitable distance). 


All participants are required to wear a face covering when not on the field of play. They must observe social distancing guidelines in the team and/or spectating areas. 


Sharing personal equipment is strongly discouraged, particularly equipment which could come into contact or proximity with the hands and face (For example, and not limited to, caps/hats, gloves (both inners and external gloves for both batsmen and wicketkeepers), and helmets. Also, it is not advisable to share abdominal guards. 


The Club will not allow the use of any of its playing equipment that could come into contact or proximity with hands and face (For example, and not limited to, caps/hats, gloves (both inners and external gloves for both batsmen and wicketkeepers), and helmets. Also, it is not advisable to share abdominal guards. 

Club members helping to set-up the ground before the-game and clearing up after the game are required to wear a face covering and disposable synthetic gloves to handle all necessary equipment.  

Club members are required to help with disinfecting general equipment, such as chairs, tables, scoreboard, etc., before and after the game.


The Club will provide stocks of face masks, disposable synthetic gloves, hand-sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, anti-bacterial soap and paper-towels at Mad Dog Park. Used wipes, towels and gloves are to be disposed of in the large garbage bins available at the ground. 

For away games, the Club will request the hosting team to provide the same products. The Club will also provide cleaning products as a mobile kit for away-games. 

Participants are urged to always carry personal cleaning products, such as hand-sanitizer and disinfecting spray and/or wipes. 


The Club wishes to reiterate that safety is a shared responsibility. It requests that all participants use common sense and follow all the guidelines, both for their own protection and for the safety of their fellow participants in the game. We all have an individual and collective responsibility to play our sport safely!

Any complaints or queries regarding these protocols and how they will be applied should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee. The members’ contact information is listed below:



Phone number


Sanjay Santhanam


+1 (203) 209-9295

Ganadeep Rey

Club Captain

+1 (806) 535-0506

Andy Fullard

Club Vice Captain

+1 (347) 561-1512

Anand Chavan


+1 (480) 577-8798

Harshad Deshmukh


+1 (585) 957-1431

David Johnson


+1 (203) 536-1054