Mad Dogs Cricket Club - Membership

Our base membership is $175 for a full membership; plus match fee for every game played. Now, we won't ask for any cash up front for new members, but after a couple of games.
Please send all your membership fees via zelle to 
Match fee depends on the type of game we play. For friendlies when we do not pay for umpires the match fee is 10$. For matches in which we pay for 1 umpire the match fees is 15$ and for games in which we pay for 2 umpires, the match fees is 20$

Why so much dosh? Our fees cover ground rental and upkeep, insurance, balls, drinks at the game and other equipment. Once the fee is paid it is up to you to make the most of your investment and sign up to play as often as you want!
We manage all team arrangements online. 

If you want a team shirt/cap, we normally manufacture to order each spring. 

The Mad Dogs tour regularly. In our winter we go annually to Sarasota CC in Florida, and sometimes to another Caribbean or southerly destination. During the summer we go to Canada and other East Coast US Cities. You will find numerous references throughout this website...

 Normally there is no selection - just your ability to pay!