Southern Connecticut Cricket Association - as a member organization the club assisted the Southern Connecticut Cricket Association to promote cricket within the US, highlighted by the volunteer efforts from Keith Lawrence in being the manager of the Association's participation in the first American Cricket Federation national tournament held in Los Angeles, California in 2012.   The club also is an active supporter of the Association's junior cricket and other fundraising activities.

Junior Clinic in Conjunction with Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center, Inc. since 2012 we have run successful summer cricket clinics to promote cricket among the local youth and are planning on expanding on this in 2016.

United States Youth Cricket Association, the club is an Associate Member of the USYCA and actively supports it's initiatives to promote youth cricket development within the Americas.   Fundraising from the annual New York area Ashes match have been designated to be put to work for youth cricket development.

Philadelphia International Cricket Festival / CC Morris Cricket Library, through member volunteering and participation in the premier cricket event in the United States, the club supports efforts of the CC Morris Cricket Library in promoting the international advancement of cricket.  

Achilles International, Inc. our annual Chappell/Hadlee match is working to promote cricket and goodwill, with proceeds helping to bring athletes to the United States.

Australian American Association - Operation Oz Kids, fundraising from the annual New York area Ashes match have worked to aid this charity.  The annual New York area Ashes match has also assisted us in promoting the game.

The Club organizes annual tours of teams from the United States to travel to other countries and for international teams to travel to play cricket in the United States.